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Cheap Date: French New Wave Brings People Together

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When you’re hitting it off with a guy/girl and some TV show or movie comes up that the other person hasn’t seen but wants to see, you can always expect this line to follow: "OMG, we should totally watch it together! In fact, we should have a marathon of [TV show/movie series]!" In most cases it won’t happen, but the enthusiasm is there! And usually when it does happen, making out ensues early on and you forget about your "intentions" of watching something together.

If it’s French New Wave cinema that is being discussed, you are in luck this week. Starting tomorrow, The Auteurs and Stella Artois are bringing you Le Recyclage de Luxe – an online film festival of French New Wave. Each day you can screen a different movie from the likes of Demy, Godard, Truffaut, and more.

From tomorrow to December 21, catch online screenings of Lola; The 400 Blows, Jules and Jim, Masculin Feminin: 15 Faits Precis, Vivre Sa Vie, La Je Tee, and Hiroshima, Mon Amour.

So start a conversation with someone about French New Wave and make this marathon happen!

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