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Cheap Date: Love and Tacos

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On a chilly afternoon this past weekend in SF, I made a fantastic discovery: carne asada can definitely lead to love. Or, more specifically, cheap eats with a willing companion make the perfect setup for an unforgettable evening.

My date and I spent a delicious part of the day enjoying cheap tacos and cheaper beer, and trust me — all that food consumed and money saved put us in a very, very good mood. And if you need help finding the best cheap eats in your neighborhood, look no further than Zagat’s Dining Deals guides:

Zagat is already known for comprehensive upscale restaurant guides; now it’s diversified into tacos, burgers, and bargain bites, which is excellent news for us budget foodies looking for inspiration. Dining Deals guides are available for San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, and at six bucks a pop, they’re a cheap and easy investment that will definitely pay off.

[$6 each,]