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Cheap Date: Rooting for Love

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While I’m not sure why one wouldn’t just pick up a bottle or two at ShopRite, the Brew Your Own Root Beer Kit intrigues me.

After all, who doesn’t love root beer?

And further, who would turn down the chance to bond over a hands-on, DIY project that ended in root beer?

This kit includes two ounces of root beer extract, special brewing yeast, a funnel, blank labels, a storage container, and more, and brews up to four gallons of the stuff.

Have I mentioned that “the stuff” is…root beer?

Other great DIY date ideas:

  • fun with the cotton candy machine
  • cooking a romantic dinner together, or attending a cooking class
  • winemaking

Dinner/drinks and a movie just got more hands on.

[$12.95, KegWorks]

[Via Uncrate]