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Cheap Date: Stay Punk

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Last night, I went to The Missouri Lounge for one of my favorite DJ nights: Stay Punk. It was a raucous night of everything from the Bad Brains to Black Flag, fueled by a mean drink special ($5 for an Olympia and a shot of whiskey) and a whole lot of fun people. Plus, it was an excellent reminder that there’s nothing quite like drinking cheap beer and listening to punk rock — a combination that can truly make for the perfect cheap date.

And what better time to celebrate the blissful simplicity of beer and punk rock than the 30th anniversary of The Clash’s London Calling? In honor of the occasion, Sony just released a special edition of the CD with vinyl replica packaging and a documentary about the making of the album.

Get it, play it, and share it with your favorite rocker. It’ll make for an evening you won’t soon forget.

[$33, Amazon]

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