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Cheap Date: The Dollar Menu

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I’ve never expected or required fancy, four-star meals or diamond necklaces of my suitors.

After all, when I can be made just as happy with a Big Mac as I can with lobster tail, there’s no point in spending the big bucks just to woo me.

Sometimes, the best dates ring up at a few dollars + a few hours of good conversation. Which is why I wouldn’t mind it if you whipped out one of these adorable pocket pouches and treated me to a dollar menu meal.

Some meal suggestions:

  • a crispy chicken sandwich and a Coca-Cola from Wendy’s
  • a Whopper Jr., small fries, and small soda from Burger King
  • a McDouble, fries, and a soda from McDonald’s
  • I don’t know much about Sonic, but they just opened up a location near me, and apparently they have an Everyday Value Menu

I’ve always prided myself on being a cheap date.

[$10, Emilio’s Pocket]

[Via Design Milk]