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Cheap Date: What To Do When the Date Goes Bad

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So you’ve used our tools of attraction and scored that date with the cutie you’ve been eying for quite some time now.

Expectations are high and you’re super psyched for the date. . . and then you remember that it’s good to have low expectations since you can’t get disappointed. And that’s all your date is right now, a disappointment.

The date is awkward enough already, how do you expect to get out of it without making it anymore awkward?

You can’t just say “Oh no, I left the stove on!” in the middle of dinner. You’ve got to be slicker then that.

Enter Got2Go, the iPhone app to help extricate yourself from any uncomfortable situation.


Got2Go lets you “gracefully” exit your situation by either sending you a text/or calling you and leaving a voicemail. It works rather simply. Go to the bathroom. Pick the “danger” level, the countdown time, method of communication, and the sender. When you get back to your table, you’ll either get an emergency text/missed call/voicemail/calendar reminder that’ll let you escape without looking rude.

For example, picking “Catastrophic” from your mom leaves you with a missed call and voicemail stating that she just passed your apartment and there are fire trucks outside.

The perfect exit strategy.

Thanks to Lauren for the tip!

[$2, Got2Go]

[via Urban Daddy]