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Chloe and Her Jet-Setter Vibe

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chloe for tools

The thing about Chloe is that you don’t just want to be with her, you kind of want to be her. She caught my eye at the pub last night, and I wandered over to overhear her talking animatedly about The Baggage Claim. I assumed from the sexy rasp of her voice and her infectious, enthusiastic gestures that Baggage Claim was the name of some funky, super-exclusive after-hours club housed in an unmarked enclave on Chicago’s west side, where the beer is ambrosial and minty and all the guys smell like pipe smoke and cookies instead of Axe body spray.

But no, it turns out this 22-year old anthropology grad student is a bit of a jet-setter; a New England native, she’s currently living in the U.K. At the bar, she was relating to her friends a tale of an actual baggage claim at an airport from her recent trip from England, and I was one of those woeful latecomers to a conversation through whom all rumors are started.

Good thing Chloe looked the part. She was wearing an elegant, old-style jacket that practically reeked of plum pudding and Cornish game hens. Accordingly, her style combines all the rugged details of English country sport (check out that corduroy collar!) with a lovely, understated femininity. The jacket is by Barbour in Classic Bedale, which Chloe scored in a men’s size small on Newbury Street in Boston. Ideal for traveling, the jacket has zip-in functionality — a fur-lined vest for frigid days on the English countryside — and features a partridge pocket in the back, perfect for stashing flats while wearing heels. "Storing birds and heels — same thing!" Chloe joked. When you can go from country dame to urbane student one jacket, who needs baggage claims?