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Coco on Flannel Shirts and Designing Her Own Sunglasses

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Coco from Coco & Breezy
Where are you from?

I’m from Minnesota. I’ve been in New York for about eight months now.

Is there a big difference between the fashion scenes there and here?
I’d say it’s definitely better out here. I really stood out in Minnesota because people didn’t accept variety. The New York lifestyle, and the fashion scene here, is just amazing. It’s especially good for me because I’m a designer. I run a label called Coco-&-Breezy. We do accessories, glasses and stuff, and being in New York has really helped with that. People like Kelly Osbourne and Ashanti are wearing my glasses now. We blew up quick after coming here.

What are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing an Obey t-shirt, a jean-and-leather jacket from Urban Outfitters, H&M leather pants, boots with chains, and Coco-&-Breezy accessories. I made these glasses.

If you were going to go out, and you wanted to look super sexy, what would you wear?
I would throw on a small little black dress, some platform heels, and some black-and-red lipstick. And also a pair of Coco-&-Breezy shades. That’s all.

Can you think of a current fashion trend that just pisses you off?
Yeah, you know when people try to look different, but you can tell they don’t know what they’re doing, and they just look a hot mess? That pisses me off, like, super badly.

Anything specific? The ubiquitous flannel shirt?
Oh my god, you read my mind. I hate when people wear flannel shirts and it doesn’t even go with their style. It’s like "Why you wearing that?" It’s just dead. I also hate guys wearing Jordans. That’s dead too. And as far as girls go, I can’t stand it when they wear stuff that doesn’t fit them. Like, "Why you wearing that? It’s too tight?"  I also hate it when girls wear Ugg boots in the summer, or anytime actually.

What are some things you do like?
I love it when people use accessories to make an outfit. I’m the type of person who can make a basic outfit look great with accessories. I also love it when people incorporate a different look. Like if you wanna be different, do it. Don’t halfway do it. Right now I’m loving heels and platforms. I’m loving shoulders, sequins, all-black. Everyone’s wearing all-back and I just love it.

Is there anything a guy could wear that’d make you want to run?
Yeah, that happened to me once. There was this guy I dated and I just hated what he wore most days. He had outfits that I liked, but a lot the time he just looked a hot mess. He’d wear baggy jeans and a regular t-shirt, and I’d get so turned off. Eventually I put him in some skinny jeans and a cardigan. Basically I made him start dressing like me.

Is there anything a guy could have in his room that’d make you want to run?
Yeah, baggy clothes. That’s so gross. Maybe a video game collection. That’s nerdy to me. Can’t do it.

Is there anything that’d make you want to stay the night?
My shades! Seriously, if I go to someones house and they have my stuff, that’s so exciting.