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Colin on Tom’s shoes, rag & bone, and why women should never wear sneakers and jeans

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Colin for Nerve's Style Blog

What are you wearing?
Rag and Bone, and my friend is designing pants out in L.A. and he sent me these. His name is John Sessler. And Tom's shoes.

Is there a particular style that you find instantly attractive on a woman?
It has to do with the way she wears her clothes, not necessarily the fit, though the fit does come in. It's more about whether or not I perceive them to have personal style. She could be wearing something I absolutely don't like, but if she's wearing it well, in an original manner, then I have a lot of respect for them.

What about styles that are a turn-off?
There's thousands. Hundreds of thousands, but I think again, that, if something's worn well… There are some things going on in the NY streets that are pretty offensive, though.

There's got to be one  in particular that's worse than the others. A dealbreaker, so to speak?
I really wouldn't want to offend anyone. There are a lot of them, but sneakers and jeans I'd say are the worst. I probably wouldn't talk to someone dressed like that.

Any new trends you're excited by?
I don't see any new trends. It seems to be a reiteration of the last two or three years. I grew up in Colorado, so it's been difficult, since I've seen a lot of the native garb that I grew up wearing, such as flannel and larger shirts, and a lot of denim, obviously, turn into the norm that you see on the streets. You know RRL is worn by everybody twenty-four hours a day, and that was a brand that I really went to when I first moved out here, because it reminded me of clothing from home.