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Come on Baby, Light My Fire

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Maybe it’s my general lack of organization (I literally have to make lists of things I should leave my house with in the morning), but nothing turns me on quite like a guy who comes prepared. Pair that up with a creative sense of style, and all you’ve got to do is buy me dinner.

As far as proving your style-savvy preparedness goes, these working miniature lighter cufflinks are an excellent place to start. If I saw a guy wearing these, I might start smoking just so I could ask him for a light. They’re super clever, stylish, and functional on more than a few levels. And they’re just the beginning of the readymade accessories fun: Etsy seller YOUgNeek has a whole shop full of wearable gadgets.

After all — if you can prove your worth with accessories, there’s no telling what you might be able to do behind closed doors.

[$40, Etsy]

[via Cool Material]