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Complete that Mad Men Look

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With Mad Men being the hottest show on TV right now, every guy wants to be a Don Draper. And understandably so.

Draper is a smooth talker, the epitome of the ’50s sartorial style, and can charm his way into any lady’s heart (and pants).

You may not be as charming as Draper, but you can certainly look as good as him! If you’ve picked up that tailored gray suit, some hair gel to get that quiff just right, and a pair of schnazzy wingtips, you’re almost there…

All that’s left are the subtleties, namely the tie bar and the pocket square.

The rule of the tie bar is that it should land roughly halfway down the tie, but should still be visible when worn with a blazer. (Perfect for August.) The tie bar also shouldn’t extend all the way across the tie as if it’s cutting it off. You must also make sure that the width of the tie bar corresponds with the width of your tie. The Craig Robinson tie bar works for the tie above, but a skinny tie would require a much smaller tie bar, like the Thom Browne one below:


Of course, you probably don’t want to spend too much money on such a subtle accessory.


This sterling silver tie bar from Tiffany’s should slide on nicely.

[$75, Tiffany & Co.]


Of you can pick up this tie bar for much less.

[$30, Fine and Dandy Shop]


And finally, add that pocket square! I mean, that pocket is there for a reason. If you’re wearing a solid tie and a white shirt, a pocket square with a paisley pattern can add that little bit of panache you may need, but a plain white pocket square is just as effective.

[$19, Fine and Dandy Shop]

Now you’re all set to fill up your tumblers with whiskey and attract those Joan Holloways…