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Create Desire with Red Everywhere

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It’s been established that, psychologically speaking, the color red evokes desire and lust. However, you can’t always be wearing a red dress (or never, if you’re a guy), so best to accessorize all your little doo-dads and gadgets with red Incase products.

Not only will their slew of cases, bags, and sleeves keep your electro-goods safe, but it’ll litter your life with just enough red to create an onslaught of attraction.


[$100, Incase]

An ergonomic, yet semi-old-school looking nylon backpack is sure to get you noticed from the be-hind.


[$40, Incase]

This leather folio for your phone is classy, sporty, and seductive: a must have for the ladies.


[$35, Incase]

And by the time you and that special someone get to the hotel stage, impress them with this nylon travel dop kit.


[via High Snobiety]