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Creme of the Crop

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Crème brûlée: perhaps the most impressive dessert known to man. Breaking through the crystal sugar shell to get to the deep, velvety custard — divine.

If you make this for someone, they will most definitely swoon.

Why is crème brûlée so impressive? Because people are under the impression that it’s difficult to make. Trust me, it’s not. The hardest part is just physically putting it in the oven. If you have a steady hand, you should have no trouble whatsoever.

Since crème brûlée is such a simple, yet decadent, dessert, you can really dress it up however you want. I sometimes add Bailey’s, Kahlua, or bourbon to the mix and top it off with almonds, shredded coconut, and raspberries. For more crème brûlée ideas from crème brûlée ice cream to caramelized onion and gruyère brûlée, check out Dominique and Cindy Duby’s Crème Brûlée.


[$15, Amazon]

But of course the most important things to have when making this dessert are the tools! For $28, this Dean Jacobs crème brûlée kit is a great find. Four ramekin dishes, a torch (works better than a butane lighter or a broiler), and a mix, if you’re feeling especially lazy (much less impressive).


[$28, Amazon]

So get that crème brûlée ready and work your way into that special someone’s heart through fatty goodness.

[photo via / CC BY 2.0]