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Daniella on American Apparel, Top Shop, and the Fashion of the Czech Republic

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Daniella for's Style Blog

What’s something a guy would wear that would instantly turn you off?
Well, I’d prefer he not look like a homeless person. I’m from the Czech Republic and its not too easy to find nice-looking guys there. It’s pretty bad, actually. No one is handsome. Here in New York it’s much easier.

And what about clothes, where do you shop?
I really like American Apparel, so when I’m here in America I buy a lot of clothes there. Also, Top Shop, that store Kate Moss sometimes makes great stuff. Luckily, we have Top Shop in the Czech Republic so I can get clothes there as much as I want.

What would you wear that would make you feel especially sexy?

A short dress and high heels. Some nice make-up.

What’s one fashion trend that makes you cringe?
I don’t like flowers. The very girly stuff. You always see girls with flowers all over the place. It might even look nice on them, but I’d never feel comfortable in that – all that flowery stuff.

And what about guys?
I like guys in skinny jeans. The skinnier the better.

What’s one thing a guy could have in his apartment that would make you want to stay the night?
Some nice books. Maybe Hemingway, that would be nice. I’d especially like it if he happened to have a couple books by a Czech author or two.

Where does the outfit you’re wearing right now come from?

I can’t remember where I got these tights, but I got the shirt and shorts from Top Shop. Pretty much everything I have is from Top Shop.