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Date or Run Screaming: A Human Rug

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It’s nearing the end of a successful date. The guy is handsome and charming. After a few J&B on the rocks, you guys decide to go back to his place to make the night that much better.

And then you see the following rug on the ground, realize he’s Patrick Bateman, and run for dear life:


This rug is actually an art piece from Chrissy Conant. It was created from a mold of her body after having laid still for several hours in this position. The piece is a commentary on her relationship with her parents and surpressed childhood memories.

This rug isn’t actually in production, but say it was. . .

Would you appreciate or be weary of the owner’s artistic sense/intentions they may imply?

[Chrissy Conant]

[via Street Anatomy]

[photo via Bromirski’s Flickr]