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Date or Run Screaming: A Little Too Youthful

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Guys go for younger women for a multitude of reasons: their toned bodies, perky breasts, and smooth, flawless skin; their stamina in the bedroom; their spontaneity and willingness to stay out till closing time…

(Of course, I’m generalizing. I’ve been getting to bed by 11 p.m. for years now.)

Still, there can be such a thing as too youthful.

Does this teddy bear-style toothbrush holder count?


[$6, Urban Outfitters]

Would you quietly slink out of my apartment at 3 in the morningĀ if you walked into my bathroom in the midst of our one-night stand and saw this?

Or would you consider me cute and quirky?

I only because, um, I sorta want one.