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Date or Run Screaming: A Scary Corset

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Corset’s are already freakish and unnatural. Who would’ve thought there would be any way to make them even scarier?

Ah, I know! Let’s add spikes to them!

The Heloise corset from Agent Provocateur is made from satin and leather. It is also covered in studs and has two-inch metal spikes sticking out of the sides. On AP’s website they even recommend wearing it with jeans on an evening out. Yeah, because when grinding with a girl at a club,  we totally want to worry about a metal spikes driving into our wieners. (Then again, this corset can be a good deterrent for guys trying to grind with you.)

But for you BDSM folks out there, this corset is right up your alley, if you can afford it.

Thanks to Steph for the tip!

[$4,900, Agent Provocateur] –

[via The Frisky]