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Date or Run Screaming: Bling Toothbrush

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I guess like kids to candy, some folks are drawn to bling. If shiny objects are your thing, then you’re sure to be smitten by the owner of this tool of frivolous attraction. If not, then you’ll probably think the owner of this item is a total tool.

Even as a boutique item, I am flabbergasted that there is even a market for a Bape x TEPE toothbrush, let alone one that is coated in 24k gold! I mean, it’s not even a good toothbrush. Look at the bristles! This toothbrush don’t got shit on Oral-B!

I never thought that bling really mattered for everyday objects, but I’ve been proven wrong.

So everyone out there in the interweb, date or run screaming? 

[via High Snobiety]