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Date or Run Screaming: Breakfast in Bed

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Breakfast in bed is a tired and true way of upping the attraction ante. It’s a great way to woo new lovers as well as remind your long-term partner why they love you so much. The best breakfast in beds are definitely the ones you can eat with minimal mess (I’d forego the sunny side up eggs and go for on omelet, pass up the pancakes and go for french toast). And just to spice things up, throw a little whiskey in the coffee or vodka in the orange juice for a morning buzz. 

Full, drunk, and in love. Sounds delicious! Make sure you have a proper tray though! The LapDawg breakfast tray is a multi-functional laptop table that quadruples as a bed tray, book holder, TV tray, and lap desk. 


[$90, LapDawg]

But be warned: breakfast in bed too soon in a relationship can be just plain creepy. Serving breakfast in bed after the first hookup may send your new friend running for the hills. If you want to put on a tough front, opt for this kitchen towel.


[$15, Keep Calm Gallery]

If you were to see this in someone’s apartment would you A) think it was tongue-in-cheek and write it off as a joke or B) think this showed a person’s selfishness and write him/her off?

Also, what is the appropriate amount of elapsed dating time for when breakfast in bed is sweet or creepy?

[via Holy Cool]

[photo via MarkyBon’s Flickr]