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Date or Run Screaming: Chainmaille Bras

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I gotta admit, chainmaille bras aren’t really my thing. In fact, they are probably the furthest thing away from my thing.

It’s just really hard not to associate these metal bras with renaissance fairs and Medieval Times, but maybe that’s just because I’ve never seen it rocked outside of that context.

For the daring ones out there, this chainmaille bra features "Teal Czech Cut Crystal diamond-shaped Mounted Chatons and silver curved bar chain with a lovely preciosa faceted crystal briolette centerpiece."

The creator also recommends wearing this while clubbing, belly dancing, and wearing over a band t-shirt at a concert ::shudder::.

Ladies, are you into this? Guys, how would you feel if you saw this on someone?

[$190, Etsy]

[via Rare Bird Finds]

[photo via Webshots]