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Date or Run Screaming: Extreme Self-Love

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As I’ve said before, confidence is sexy.

But is it possible for self-love to become so overblown it’s scary?

Etsy seller VulvaLoveLovely obviously doesn’t think so, as she takes genitally-based empowerment to the next level with vulva-inspired plushies and pendants.


[$23, Etsy]

One can even purchase  hand-sculpted pendants of their very own vag by sending in photos (or a very detailed description).

But while those who learn to love their vag invariably benefit in bed, I’m not so sure this love should be made so public. And this unease goes both ways. I’d be just as likely to shrink from a guy wearing a personalized, penis-shaped belt buckle. Am I just being a prude?

I mean, I have to admit, a part of me loves this blindingly-bright fuchsia vulva right here:


[$19, Etsy]

[Via Jezebel]