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Date or Run Screaming: Marilyn Mickies

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Either your date will be impressed by your taste in interesting modern art or they’ll think you’re just a weirdo for having a statue of Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse’s face for breasts. . . Not to mention the connotations that Monroe already carries with her (Monroe = Crazy, Hepburn = Classy). Be careful with this tool of attraction/potential repellent.

From Abraham Obama to Superhero Children who smoke and drink, Ron English has a predilection for pop culture mash-ups, and his Marilyn Mickies statue is no different.

Standing at 20″ tall and limited to 30 pieces, Marilyn Mickies is sold through Garage Works Industies. The Warhol-esque print below is also on sale with the statue.


[Garage Works Industries]

[via High Snobiety]