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Date or Run Screaming: Sex in a Can

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Who needs real beer when you’ve got Sex in a Can? With variations like Pink Lotus Lager, Abbey’s Secret Ale, and Spread Eagle Brew, you probably won’t even miss the alcohol content. That said, I might recommend a little frontloading before you pop this top:


Manufactured by Fleshlight (the world’s top selling male sex toy), Sex in a Can is basically exactly what it sounds like. And, in the “date” defense, Fleshlight markets its products as stamina training devices because — conceivably — the more you self-pleasure, the better you get at the real thing. However, that doesn’t really change the fact that it’s still a lady-part in a can.

So people, what say you? Would you stick around to see if the training pays off, or would you be out the door the moment you spotted Sex in a Can?

[$40, Fleshlight]

[via Gizmodo]