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Date or Run Screaming: Sneaker Jewelry

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I understand. You think that — with the help of some daring bling-bling — you can make his heart go…boom-boom. But sneaker jewelry??

Sabrina Dehoff just debuted her new line of sneaker jewelry at Berlin Fashion Week. Designed for the Nike Air Max 1 and Air Maxim, the pieces are supposed to make your coolest pairs of kicks even cooler, and — dare we say — glam.


I have a tough time pulling off any footwear that’s not firmly rooted in neutral (the purple flip-flops I’m wearing right now are perhaps the biggest fashion risk I’ve taken lately), so I remain unconvinced that accessorizing my shoes is the answer.

What say you? Is this off the hook, or too damn much?

[Via highsnobiety via today and tomorrow]