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Date or Run Screaming: Taxidermy Accessories

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Brooches, bowties, cufflinks, necklaces, headbands: all things we use to accessorize our wardrobes and stand out in the crowd. Rats, mice, pigeons: vermin we avoid at all costs because they are diseased and disgusting. Depending on what your threshold for weird, creepy things are, despite being original, these taxidermy accessories are bound to be divisive.

These accessories are the work of artist Reid Peppard, who specializes in incorporating taxidermy with fashion. Taxidermy is already a deal breaker for some people. Personally, I don’t really want to see a stuffed bear in someone’s apartment, let alone a fucking guinea pig on a comb:


Gross! But I must admit, these mouse head cufflinks don’t creep me out as much.


Alright folks, date or run screaming? I’d especially like to hear from the people who’d say “date”!

[Reid Peppard]

[via Refinery 29]