Date or Run Screaming: The Condom Pillow


You tell me.

If you were on a first date, he invited you upstairs for a nightcap, and the first thing you saw upon entering his apartment was a giant condom pillow, would you:

a.) consider him to be an oversexed, possibly psychotic loser with only one thing on his mind, or would you

b.) commend him for his commitment to safe sex.


These condom pillows have been silkscreened, and include two pockets (one on each side) for actual condoms. Each pillow also comes with an oversized, fabric condom. I'm unsure what, exactly, this is for, aside from possibly being a barometer for how much of a dick this guy is. 

Proceed with caution.

[$80, Etsy]

[Via The Awesomer]

Commentarium (11 Comments)

Jun 04 09 - 11:04am

Perfect to give the kids going off to college.

Jun 04 09 - 11:06am

ladies love...lubricated lifestyles?

Jun 04 09 - 9:21pm
N.Grace N

I think that it would be a great Ice breaker I would have a good laugh about it. But since I now live in a Christen based nurseing home. It would go over like a lead ballon Cute I do like it. Thanks for a good laugh.

Jun 08 09 - 12:49am

Its funny and icebreaker yes, but if i saw that on a date i would freak the fuck out and make a quick excuse to leave

Jun 09 09 - 7:33am
Curmudgeon Online

You went to his apartment not a coffee house; what did you think was on his mind? Please...........

Jun 25 09 - 9:06am
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Jun 27 09 - 1:54pm

I agree with curmudgeon, if you went to his place instead of someplace public you should already know what's on his mind

Aug 04 09 - 2:53pm
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