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Date or Run Screaming: The Condom Pillow

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You tell me.

If you were on a first date, he invited you upstairs for a nightcap, and the first thing you saw upon entering his apartment was a giant condom pillow, would you:

a.) consider him to be an oversexed, possibly psychotic loser with only one thing on his mind, or would you

b.) commend him for his commitment to safe sex.


These condom pillows have been silkscreened, and include two pockets (one on each side) for actual condoms. Each pillow also comes with an oversized, fabric condom. I’m unsure what, exactly, this is for, aside from possibly being a barometer for how much of a dick this guy is. 

Proceed with caution.

[$80, Etsy]

[Via The Awesomer]