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Dean and His Electric Longboard

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Meet Dean. We ran into Dean outside of Cutler, his high-end salon in Soho, where he was trying out his new Special Black 42 E Glide electric long-board. The so-called “Rolls Royce” of electric boards, it’s like a souped-up skateboard with the wheels of an ATV and the hipster weirdness of a moped.   

Dean –who’s styled Kylie Minogue, Stevie Nicks, and Claudia Schiffer among others – drew a crowd as he tested out his new remote-controlled ride. Capable of going up to twenty-two mph, it’s fast enough to seriously startle pedestrians, as we saw, watching him weave down the block.  Dean’s a resident of the East Village, and he decided it was "time to stop taking the subway and start going to work in style."

If you’re a grown man who’s going to commute on an electric skateboard, you’ve seriously got to own it. Fortunately, unlike the throngs of green-clad drunks celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the next block, Patrick looked sharp enough to pull it off. He was dressed in all-black with a shirt from Paul Smith, a Hugo Boss jacket and a pair of brown Italian shoes from Barney’s, originally priced at $1400 that he got for only $700. A lumberjack beard rounded the whole thing off.

As we said our goodbyes and started walking away, Dean yelled after an employee at the salon that it was his turn to test out the long-board. Which makes him pretty much the coolest boss ever.

 Photo by Sean McGurn