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Debauchery Runs Rampant in Pleasantville

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What better way to hint at what both you and your date really want than provocative, sexual photography–of dioramas?

These titillating dioramas are part of photographer Jonah Samson’s installation and book Pleasantville. From oral sex on the rocks to peeping toms outside a window, Samson covers the gamut of public sex acts, which may just lead to a few private sex acts of your own.

Aside from depicting sexual debauchery, he also shows the darker side of a seemingly pleasant small town (think Blue Velvet) with dioramas of people lying dead on the ground, skeletons on trees, dead deer, and a bear attack.

Intelligent discussion about art followed by acting out your primal instincts; sounds like a great date to me.



[$25, Jonah Samson Photography]

[via Cool Hunting]