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Denim Peacoat: Hot or Not?

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Guys and gals in peacoats — pretty damn hot (and probably the only time a popped collar is acceptable).

Guys and gals in nice denim — also very sexy.

Guys and gals in a denim peacoat — eh. . . not so much.

Something about this J. Crew x Mr. Freedom peacoat just about offends every bone in my body.  I’m totally down for a plaid, tweed, different types of wool, even cotton, but a denim jacket that isn’t a traditional denim jacket just looks funny.

But then again, I’m also not a fan of those denim shirts that came back in style recently. Maybe denim and upper-body fashions were just never meant to cross paths in my world.

However, if you are into more experimental styles or collaborations between designers, this collector’s item may be right up your alley.

[$590, J. Crew]

[via High Snobiety]