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Devin on jeggings, jackets, and why men should never wear boxers

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Devin for Tools of Attraction

What are you wearing?
I'm wearing Levi's bottoms, a plain gray shirt, and a jacket from Old Navy I've had since high school. The sneakers are Grahams. I think they're from Switzerland. The glasses are from a dollar store in San Francisco.

How would you describe your look?
It always changes, but I like keeping things in proportion. Slim bottoms and a bigger top or big bottoms and a slim top is my thing.

What's the most appalling fashion choice men are making right now?
I'm really not into the trend of drop-crotch pants, especially when they're not full pants and just go to the knee. I just don't understand it.

How about women?
I'm really not into leggings. Wait — are you wearing leggings?

No. You're safe, but I have to ask you about jeggings now.
I can understand really tight denim, though I don't really think jeggings are acceptable. But jean-printed leggings are way more of a no-no.

If you went home with someone and got a glimpse of his wardrobe, what would be the ultimate clothing dealbreaker?
I really don't like boxer shorts. They don't do anything for anybody. If I saw a guy wearing them, I'd be like, "Meh. No." Not my thing.

Most people don't have a ton of money to spend on fashion. Which clothing items should you spend more money on?
I'd invest in a nice-fitting bottom and a nice-fitting jacket and shoes. Oh, that's everything. I mean, T-shirts and socks can be cheap and disposable. But everyone should have one nice piece of outerwear and a nice pair of shoes. Oh, and a bag is a good investment, too. Let's say shoes and a bag. I'm a shoe-and-bag guy.