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Does My Neck Look Fat?

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That’s it.

As if I needed something else to feel self-conscious about. I already worry about my big feet, my bigger nose, my thunder thighs, and my chapped lips.

Now I apparently need to assess whether or not my neck is fat.

Or at least that’s what the existence of the Neckline Slimmer seems to suggest.


[$19.99, Neckline Slimmer]

There it is. A small, spring-loaded device that basically requires that you make a continuous nodding motion. Or, as Jezebel points out, the motion one makes whilst performing oral sex.

So if you’ve already been going down on a lot of dudes, your neck is probably fine.



Do you want to go from a before to an after?

Dude. I dare you to tell me that my neck is fat.

[Via Jezebel]