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Dominique and His Glowing Whites

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I was walking through Greenwich Village late last night when I passed Dominique, who was coolly smoking a cigarette outside of a sex shop called Crazy Fantasy. Dominique was wearing all white—shoes, jeans, hoodie, jacket—and his ensemble popped against the red glow of the sex shop’s window behind him. Leaning against the glass with smoke curling around his head, he looked like a movie character in a futuristic version of New York

I did a double-take and then walked toward him, eyeing those painted-on white pants. “I like the color white. It brings out my complexion,” Dominique told me, adding that he scored those stretchy white jeans and his hoodie from the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. A 20-year-old criminal justice student from Georgia, Dominique was in New York on a school break to visit friends and avail himself of the city’s boutiques. “I love shopping,” he said. “I’m a country-city boy.”

That day, Dominique had scored a chunky gold chain from a SoHo boutique—he couldn’t recall the name, but I recommend this one—and a novel from Barnes & Noble called Dirtier Than Ever, about a crime-ridden love triangle gone awry. The day’s conquests over, Dominique was heading back to a friend’s place to crash. He finished his cigarette and walked quickly toward the subway, those white jeans catching the streetlights as he descended the stairs.