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Dominique on Dashikis, Thongs, and Che Guevara

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dominque for Nerve's style blog

Where are you from?
Right now, I’m living in Germany, but before this I spent six years in New York. I’m on vacation now, just visiting.

Are there any differences in the style scenes here and there?
Yeah, there are some differences, but it’s all pretty globalized these days. You know, I was in London last week and I noticed a lot of the guys had that James Dean thing going on. But you find that here too – guys wearing tight pants. That’s really in pretty much everywhere these days.

Do you like it?
[Laughs] I don’t know. On men it’s kind of funky.

What are you wearing right now?
This dress is from Cuba because I’m half Cuban. These are boots and this bag is from my mom. I go shopping in my mom’s closet and that’s pretty much it. She has lots of stuff from the ’50s. If I can’t find anything there I might check out a sale at Top Shop, but clothes are just too expensive. It’s not about the clothes anyway, you know, it’s about personality. You can wear horrible clothes and I’ll still talk to you. If you’re nice, why not?

What are some of the styles or trends you’re digging right now?
Honestly, I don’t really like trends. I think you just just put on whatever feels good and go for it. I do like Dashikis though, on guys. Dashikis with nice little pants and sneakers – I like that. I don’t like guys in shiny black tights, though. On women, I guess I like cowboy-style shorts.

Who’s the best dresser in the world?
Sailor Moon.

Now that it’s 500 degrees, what kind of outfits you find yourself reaching for?
Well, I would like to go with a thong, but we’re in America, so that’s not allowed.

Just a thong?
Yeah, I would be cool with that.

Let’s say you went out at night and wound up at a guy’s apartment, is there anything he could have in his room that’d make you want to stay?
What a cute American question! Let me try to answer. If he had something that matched my political outlook, I might stay. I’m half Cuban, so if a guy had Che Guevara hanging on the wall — and he actually knew about Che Guevara — I would like that.