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Don Q’s Party Data – How to look your best at a holiday party.

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Having produced Puerto Rico’s most popular rum for decades, Don Q knows how much better a drink can be when you’re sharing it with a group of good friends – which is why they supplied all the alcohol for a recent house party in Brooklyn. And while the host may do the most prep work at any given shindig, that doesn’t mean the guests don’t have their responsibilities as well. After all, who wants to go to a party just to blend in with the walls? Which is why we talked to Sola, whose outfit immediately caught our eye. It was festive without being obvious, seemed at once thrown together and perfectly in harmony, and was one of the evening’s major standouts.

How would you describe your overall style?
I’m kind of girly, but I’m a big mix-and-match kind of girl. I don’t really have a favorite store, I kind of shop all over the place – whatever looks cute.

And what went into making this outfit?
I thought about the party! Graham told me to dress up, so I put a little party dress on and I accessorized.

This is a holiday party – do you think there are any rules people should sort of follow when dressing for parties of the season?
No! I don’t follow rules. I think that whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful, you should wear. Like I said, my dressing style is girly, so I wear a lot of dresses. I’m into party dresses—a little bit poufy. You wear what you want.

I feel like I can guess your answer already, but when it comes to accessories, should you go with more or less?
Always more! I feel like you can’t have enough.

Mouse over the photo below to find out where Sola found the different pieces of her look.