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Don Q’s Party Data – What makes a good pick-up line?

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Don Q. – the makers of Puerto Rico’s most popular rum for over six decades – knows that, when it comes to dating, everyone can use a handy tip or two. That’s why they created LadyData – to provide men with the collective knowledge of women all over the country. When Don Q. supplied all the alcohol for a recent house party in Brooklyn, we thought it would be the perfect time to collect some data of our own. Which is why we talked to Maeve – whose red sequins couldn’t help but make her stand out – about pick-up line ettiquite. Who better to ask than someone who wears her heart on her shirt?

Do you find that guys use pick-up lines a lot? 
I guess? I don’t get them very often.

What would a really good pick-up line include?
I find that pick-up lines that are more engaging – not just "What do you do?" but "How about that book you’re reading" or "Hey, you like bagged spinach too, crazy!" – much more charming, and natural, than things that sound like pick-up lines. 

And what’s an immediate deal-breaker? 
I would say that the most repellent pick-up line is where the status, pedigree, and marital status is revealed within the first two sentences. I really have a tendency to shut down after those things are mentioned.
Do you have any pick-up lines that you use?
No. And they never go over very well. 
So, let’s say you see a really cute person at a bar, and you want to start a conversation with them, but you don’t want to come off as cheesy. What’s the best way to do that? 
I often ask people how their day was, it usually goes over pretty well. 
And if their day was awful, then what?
I ask them why? I think people really respond to your asking them why, and listening to what they say and reacting to what they say, instead of just waiting for an opportunity for you to tell them more about yourself.