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Don’t Mess with the ‘Do…or the Doo-Wop

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While I let myself look like a disgusting mess when working from home, I always make the effort to look good when I venture from my condo, even if I’m only running out to the post office or picking up supplies from the supermarket.

I mean, you never know when a total hottie (or even your ex, or that bitch from high school) will walk by.

Which is why I love these new ONTO headphones from Audio-Technica. They have an ultra-thin headband that won’t mess up your hair, and which you can easily wear underneath a hat once the weather gets even cooler.

Now, the only things I’ll have to worry about when bopping about to my iPod playlist are humidity-induced frizz, nervous twirling-induced flatness, or major acts of nature.

[$49.99, AudioCubes]

[Via OhGizmo!]