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Dorothy on birthdays, New Yorkers, and the importance of men’s shoes

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Dorothy for Tools

Where are you from?
I'm from downtown New York City.

What kind of styles do you see these days that you particularly like?
That I like? There's a lot that I don't like… It's weird because I grew up downtown, so for me, fashion means having your own kind of style — personal style — and that was always more important to me. What I don't like to see is when everyone looks the same, even though I'm in cut-off shorts and I'm riding a bike.

Why do you think everyone looks the same these days?
That's a huge question. But if we're talking about New York city and style, there are a lot of people who come here and want to be "New York," you know?

If you see a guy what's something he might be wearing that would make you attracted to him?
If I'm interested in a guy, I almost immediately look down at his shoes. He just needs nice shoes. I mean, his shoes have to look good, whether they're boat shoes or sandals.

Would my shoes pass the test?
Yeah, definitely. If someone was wearing flip flops, then definitely not.

When a man has nice shoes what does it tell you about him?
Absolutely nothing [laughs]. Sometimes, honestly, if he's wearing sneakers  — depending on what kind of sneakers they are  — I can tell whether a guy is from New York or not.

What did you think about when you got dressed this morning?
Well, yesterday was my birthday, so I'm extremely hungover. And, I'm on my way to work, so I just put on whatever was on my floor and put my work clothes in my bag. I work at bar on fourteenth street. I'm a waitress.

Where did you get the stuff you're wearing?
This tank top  — it's falling apart and I've had it since like seventh grade. These shorts I got a couple of years ago, I don't remember why or where; probably at some vintage store or at Urban Outfitters. My shoes I also got years ago at Urban Outfitters. The watch my dad gave me for my birthday. On my necklace I have a cross, a ghetto princess thing, and a pineapple. The pineapple I took from my mom, the princess my dad got me [laughs], and the cross I've had forever.

If you were getting all dressed up for a night out, what would you wear?
Last night for my birthday I wore this beige tank top with really skinny straps that was loose and flowy, and these cut-off shorts, and a light blue Michael Kors cork wedge.

Did you get your nails done for your birthday? They match your bike.
Yep, I did. They're real too.