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Douchey or Not: Super Fancy Beds

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Douchebags come in many forms. And as annoying as the orange-skinned, Jager-bombing ones are, the worst are the ones with a little too much money on their hands.

As seen by the use of Bluetooth in the malls and cars that you can talk to, douchebags seem to really love technology — whether it’s necessary or not. 

This bed is the ultimate in douchebag slumber.

The Elite Bed from Hollandia takes the act of sleeping and injects it with frivolity. Some of it’s featured can be argued for, like it’s back sliding system, telescopic head support, and massage system. However, I can’t get behind the built in Sony Bravia Theater System containing a 32″ HDTV, DVD player, five speaker surround sound system + subwoofer, and an iPod dock. A hidden safe in the headrest is optional. 

The queen is $30,000, king $35,000, and California king $38,000. Effed up, I know.


If you were to walk into someone’s bedroom and see this, would you be impressed or get out of their as soon as possible?

[$30,000 – $38,000, Inmod]

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