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Dow Goes Down, Clothes Come Off

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It’s hard to get around the fact that the economy’s got everybody down. I can’t remember the last time my man and I went out to dinner, and while all of our lounging around the house has led to some prolific hanky panky, our finances still feel a little bleak sometimes. But frankly, the last thing your new flame wants to hear about is your financial stress.

My advice? Check out the Puma Index — a new app (and website for those of us who have imagination iPhones) that follows the stock market with hot models who undress when things go into the negative:

The cleverness doesn’t stop there: when a market is closed, the model goes to sleep, and between index updates, the models get bored and find things to do. So basically, no matter what the market is up to, there’s always a hottie to watch.

And that will make you one irresistibly happy date.

[free, The Puma Index]

[via Gizmodo]