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Elissa on Banning Crocs and the Return of Nineties Style

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How would you describe your style?
Laidback. I wear almost all second-hand stuff.  I work at Ragstock, too, so I get a discount. 

What do you feel most sexy in?
Just a shirt.

What if you want to dress up?
Then a short dress and heels. They elongate your legs – and make them look very nice.

What would you tell someone who wanted to look sexier?
Wear what you like. Don’t just wear what’s in if it doesn’t fit your body type. Like the high-waisted thing is in, but it doesn’t look good on a lot of people.

How has your style changed over the past few years?
At one point, I wore only Abercrombie, then towards the end of high school I started wearing more designer stuff like Juicy and Rock & Republic. Then when I came out here to Madison, I didn’t have much money so I started to wear resale stuff.

What summer trends are you really into?
Right now there’s a lot of cute dresses out there, so girls can look good in a lot of stuff. 

What about for guys?
I’m a fan of the cut-off skinny jean shorts. It’s the whole bike style. I ride a bike, so I approve.

If you could ban one article of clothing, what would it be?
Crocs, because, yeah, they’re comfortable, but at what cost? They look like giant duck feet with cheese holes in them. Plus they come in colors to match your average soccer mom’s favorite shirt.

What public figure do you try to emulate in your style?
I’m a fan of Michael Jackson and also Prince.

So frilly stuff and cool jackets?
Yeah. Winter is the best time to wear interesting stuff.

I don’t know; you have to get all bundled up in winter clothing that covers it all.
But then you come to work and start rocking it!

You work in retail. What, in your expert opinion, is the next big thing in fashion?
Nineties style. There are three shops in Chicago that are vintage nineties only.