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Emily And Her Pedigreed Pal

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Emily and traveller

I was bopping around Bloomingdale’s the other day and couldn’t help but notice these two strolling around the store together, especially cute little Traveler in all his fluffy glory. You know how people people say that walking a cute dog is one of the best ways to get attention? Emily agrees, except she says Traveler gets hit on more than she does! When people stop, one of the first questions they always ask is, ‘What kind is he?” Tired of being unable to answer (and wanting to cash in on all the attention), Emily did what any modern pet owner would do: she had Traveler DNA tested. That’s right, they’re not just for Maury Povich!

Now, much like the rest of us, Traveler can take pride in the variety of his mixed heritage. He is made up of two different breeds – part Springer Spaniel and part American Eskimo. And now, they both know how to soak up that attention they get bouncing around this great city together. Watch out gentleman callers! The expression ‘mutt’ is a distant memory.

If you want to make your best friend a modern member of society too, check out this home doggy DNA test. So cutting edge. So snooty. So Traveler-and-Emily.