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Emily and Her Sparkling Smile

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This is Emily. Something about her smile caught my eye at an Oscar’s party last Sunday. Something very unique and very sparkly. Don’t see it? Take a closer look …

That’s right, there’s a shiny little rhinestone on her tooth! I’d never seen anything like it, so I went over to find out more. Turns out Emily got her tooth sparkle put on a year ago by a Bay Area legend named the Tooth Fairy. For $50, the Tooth Fairy will come to your home and personally apply your sparkle! Emily said that according to the Tooth Fairy, most of her customers are heavily-tattooed gay men!

The effects it’s had on her lovelife are a testament to men’s – gay and straight – love of all things shiny. “Guys love it,” she exclaimed, “they think it’s hella cute, and it’s really unique and eyecatching.” Apparently it’s a great conversation-starter as well. “It’s delightfully tacky, which is kind of like my personal style anyways,” says Emily. Talk about a smile that sparkles!