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Emma on Interpol, Top Shop, and dressing like a prostitute

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emma for Nerve's tools of attraction

So what's your deal?
My name is Emma. I was born in England, and I've been living in New York for eight years.

What happened to your English accent?
Well, I only lived there for two weeks. Then I left.

What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning?
I think about Interpol. Right now, they're my life. I always think about them when I'm getting dressed. I like to take them with me throughout the day. I like their combination of the monastic with a little indulgence and some deep perversion.

What are you wearing right now?
This is what I wear everyday because I'm subletting right now. But to answer your question, I got this top somewhere in Berlin. I got the shoes somewhere on 14th street. The bleach on them came from my laundromat. These pants came from Top Shop. They're the one pair of pants I own. I hate pants.

What do you usually wear?
Eighteenth-century gowns. I also love those ghetto nails where the ring finger is a different color from the rest. That's awesome. As far as men go, I love when men beautify themselves just like women. I think it's important for men to have a sense of elegance. What I don't like is yucky, hairy, dirty.

If you were heading out at night to pick someone up, what would you wear?
I would dress like a prostitute, but I like to do that anyway. So maybe if I really wanted to pick someone up, I would wear something slutty heroin-chic, ripped-apart, and black. Then I'd get a Mary Antoinette white wig and put some white powder on my face. That would be the only way to guarantee I'd find the kind of guy I'm looking for.

And who's that?
Mozart or maybe Prince. They're both short.