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Everyone Loves a Guitarist

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The quiet, mysterious (and cute) guitarists need not say much to get the audience’s attention. They just need to stand there, with their hair in their face, playing their heart out. 

And boy, does the audience swoon.

Take Jonny Greenwood, for example. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that guy say a word, but the ladies sure do love him. 

Playing music has long been established to be an aphrodisiac. And being that it’s just as much a visual medium as it is an auditory one, create your own custom guitar strap for added mystique.


Customize your own Strap Graphics leather guitar strap. Pick the width and colors and layout your design on their customizer and you’ll be ready to rock out with a new, custom strap.

With an awesome custom strap you add another dimension to your chops and rock star persona.

[$60 – $90, Strap Graphics]

[via Uncrate]