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Fishnet Fever

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Fall is the perfect season to heat things up in your dating life: the fashion is hot, the weather is cool, and the mood — call it holidays or dropping temperatures — has a touch of recklessness to it that can’t be beat. Time, I’d say, to do something unexpected.

Remember those fishnet stockings you’ve got balled up in your closet? Well let me tell you a little story about forgotten fishnets. Here goes: a girl walks into a bar on a sleepy Sunday night wearing a pair of fishnets. She figures, what the hell, it’s Halloween weekend, I’m feeling a little more ravishing than usual, and I’d love to walk out of this bar with somebody. Two hours later, she hasn’t paid for a single drink and she’s doing just that.

Fishnets or old-fashioned good luck? I say forget the wager — just get yourself a pair: