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Flirt Like a Kid Again

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This kid Jason used to snap my bra straps. Chris used to write me notes, fold them up all tiny, and place them in mini envelopes before passing them along to me between classes. Tom was brave enough to actually call me on the phone and ask me to the eighth grade dance. Kudos to him!

Ah, adolescence.

Enter the Rubber Bandit — handcrafted out of curly maple and bloodwood — a return to one of the most perplexing forms of youthful flirtation.


Creator Andy Mangold is still working out details on pricing and production, but you can feel free to contact him here with requests.

Beware of coming across as too childish, though. While a youthful exuberance can be refreshing, there’s nothing more frustrating than a man who is still, stubbornly, a boy.

[Via Crave]