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Flirting for Horror Nerds

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When you’ve found someone that shares your nerdy interests, it’s easy to become friends. If you’ve found someone that shares your obsessive love of horror movies, you two will become even closer. And if he/she also happens to be attractive, then you’ve probably been in love with them from the get-go.

And what conveys love to a horror geek better than a facehugger from Alien?

They seek you out, attach themselves to your face, and impregnate you with a Xenomorph that bursts out of your chest. If that’s not love (or at least a sexual outlet), I don’t know what is.

When your horror geek love comes by your place, show him/her your facehugger plush doll.


And then proceed to have aliens bursting out of places other than your chest. . .

[$30, Think Geek]

[via The Awesomer]