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For the Love of Newspapers (and People Who Read Them)

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The end of print media may be upon us, but there are still plenty of people who cling on to their newspapers with ardor. Show your love for print (and impress that cute bookish guy/gal) with this messenger bag made out of an old issue of “Life Magazine”. [$125, The News]

The News, a company based in LA, uses recycled newspapers and magazines for their bags, hats, throw pillows, wallets, and more.


[$58, The News]

This market bag is perfect for cozying up next to the cutie on line at Trader Joes.


[$55, The News]

And once you get said cutie back to your place, wow them with your newspaper throw pillow. Soon after, they’ll be sure to want to check out your newspaper bedsheets. . . which The News doesn’t actually make. Please don’t use real newspapers as a substitute.

[via Rare Bird Finds]