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For When You Outgrow Your Tramp Stamp

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So you got totally wasted back in college with your sorority sisters and thought “Hey, a tattoo on my lower back is a pretty good idea!”

And so you went to the tattoo parlor with your friends and you decided to get something meaningful like a random Chinese character or a tribal pattern.

Cut to three years later when you’re tired of over-aged frat kids hitting on you because you seem like an easy target or you realize what a bad decision that tramp stamp really was.

Instead of constantly pulling your shirt over your lumbar every time it rides up, apply some camouflage to your tattoo.

Tattoo Camo is a concealer that covers up your tattoo and claims to look very natural. You can choose from six shades and it’s waterproof, just in case you decide to strip down and hop in the pool, in which case what’s the point of even covering it up?


[$35, Tattoo Camo]