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From Bar to Boudoir

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Step one: go to the bar. Step two: find a new friend. Step three: give out your number and hope for a call that may or may not come.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there more than a few times, but the key to a callback isn’t all that hard. Yes, you’ve got to be charming and funny for your companion to pop the digits question. And yes, you’ve got to remember your phone number (in my defense, I had just switched my number when this happened to me). But above all, you’ve got to have a phone number that’s unforgettable.

Enter the calling card.

Falling somewhere between business card and phone number scrawled on a bar napkin, the calling card is a foolproof way to impress the pants off your new friend. That, and they’re pretty affordable:

[$28 for 100, Etsy]

[$25 for 50, Etsy]

I’d wager that the object of your desire will be so impressed that you’ll get that callback sooner than you think. In fact, you might end up not needing a phone at all.